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Make training suck less so employees learn more

“Excellence in Learning”
—BrandonHall Group

“Leader in Corporate Training”
—Training Industry
FinovateEurope Best of Show 2019
Serious Play Awards Outstanding digital Training Game 2017
Brandon HallGroup EXCELLENCE INLearning 2017

Create a thirst for knowledge.
Transform your training into sweet games with Lemonade. Give your learners a taste and they'll be hooked!

Games get attention
Drive daily interaction
Boost employee results
Fast-track expertise
Amp up your material
Empower your frontline
with Lemonade's challenge-based simulators. Turn employees into digital product ambassadors so they help drive customer adoption.
Deliver fruitful role-play
Teach employees how to sweeten any deal with life-like scenarios. They'll listen, offer top notch customer service, and suggestively sell without the risk of going sour.
Author content in a snap
Create game-based content
Import existing content
Link out to additional resources

Create guided learning paths
Assign the right training at the right time. Unlock courses as employees improve, promote learning growth with tiered courses, and teach more with auto-recommendations.

Measure impact
Individuals & Teams
Easily spot superstars, slackers, and skill gaps.
Courses & Content
Evaluate both steps and courses to to see what's working and what needs to be improved.
Business Impact
Integrate with your business systems to track training's impact on the metrics that matter most.
Modern workforce ready
Level up your workforce.

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