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How a Leading Bank Got Frontline Staff to Recommend Digital Products

To drive adoption of their digital banking products, a leading bank knew they needed frontline staff to recommend products to customers.

The only problem? Staff weren’t familiar with the bank’s digital offering—and most weren’t confident recommending products to customers.

They knew they needed more engaging training, so they decided to use Lemonade to give staff the knowledge, tools, and confidence they needed to promote the bank’s tech.

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Our client’s employees were an important part of their plan for driving digital adoption. They needed employees to chat with customers and be a driving force for change in their stores.

But the majority of their staff were unfamiliar with the company’s digital offering. And most weren’t confident recommending them to customers.

Compounding the problem was their LMS. Our client needed to roll out training programs simultaneously with each new technology. The training programs also needed to be easily adaptable as their tech was updated. But their LMS wasn’t well-suited for either of these challenges.

Their LMS wasn’t well-suited for product training that needed to be released quickly and updated on-the-fly.

Added to that problem was their LMS’s negative reputation with staff. It wasn’t compelling enough to compete for employee’s attention. They needed interesting, dynamic, and highly available content to engage their employees.


To meet their need for faster, better training, our client decided to use Lemonade.

With its fun game-based learning modules, product simulations, and customer role-plays, Lemonade was well suited to educating frontline employees on the ins and outs of our client’s digital offering.

Employees learned about the benefits of specific products in fun game-based learning modules.

Then, product simulations taught employees how to use specific products. Employees earned rewards for completing tasks quickly—which encouraged them to master each product.

Finally, customer role plays taught employees to spot opportunities to recommend digital products. The roles plays allowed employees to practice in a safe environment, helping to build their confidence.

The entire program was hosted in Lemonade’s unique game-based training platform to boost engagement. The platform used an overarching game narrative to drive regular engagement; challenging employees to build a banking empire and move up the leaderboard.


The program was a huge success—employees played for hours longer than expected and requests from other departments to get their content on the platform came piling in.

Lemonade’s big data analytics suite let our client analyze everything from the progress of individual employees to participation at specific stores. Our client was even able to identify major knowledge gaps—and take action to remedy them much more quickly.

Employees played for hours longer than expected.

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