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NAB - Transforming Call Center Reps Into Digital Experts

Like many other financial institutions, National Australia Bank had invested heavily in new fintech as part of their digital transformation. With the new tech ready to go, their next challenge was on-boarding customers to their digital channels.

While other FIs have used television advertising campaigns to promote their new tech, we don’t feel that is a very effective approach - for a number of reasons. It’s impossible to target your customers using TV ads, it's expensive and it's really only good for driving awareness, which is only the first step towards driving adoption.

What NAB really needed to do was educate customers about the value propositions of their new tech, and support those customers during the on-boarding phase. They needed to turn their call centre reps into digital ambassadors.


As is the case at many other banks, not all NAB employees bank with their employer.

So most of NAB’s phone channel reps, the people they were counting on to promote and support their new fintech, had never used their digital products. Without a deep understanding of the new tech, reps wouldn't have the knowledge and confidence they needed to recommend it to customers.

NAB agreed that LemoandeLXP needed to do three things:

  • Teach reps the features and benefits of the new tech
  • Drive rep mastery of Nab's digital products
  • Give reps the knowledge and confidence they needed recommend the tech and on-board customers



Our Fintech training experts developed a curriculum and courseware that was specifically designed to transform NAB’s call centre staff into digital experts

1. Game-based microlearning

Let’s face it, digital product knowledge isn’t the most riveting stuff in the world. So we used LemoandeLXP’s rapid authoring system to create game-based microlearning modules that made the training experience enjoyable. By creating a fun experience we were able to get reps to consistently take daily training sessions that drove comprehension and retention.

Okay, so now they understood the features and benefits of the tech. Next up, we needed to teach them to use it.

2. Challenge-based product simulators

To drive rep mastery of the new tech, we used LemonadeLXP to quickly author simulations of NAB's tech. The simulators challenged reps to complete banking tasks. If they made a mistake they were prompted to try again to maximize their score. The drove the repetition needed to master the products.

3. Role Play Scenarios

The last piece of the puzzle was to teach reps to apply their new tech knowledge in rlife-like work situations. For this we used LemonadeLXP's role-play tool to create virtual client conversations. Reps needed to spot opportunities to recommend the tech, and practice on-boarding customers.


The LemonadeLXP recipe is proving effective for NAB. Employees are engaged in daily training sessions that are driving the distributed practice they need to become digital banking experts.

The programs are so effective, that several other NAB departments are planning to deliver their training experiences through the LemonadeLXP platform.

Key Findings

  • +28%

    Reduction in call times

  • 87.7%

    Of learners said the training was effective

  • +39%

    Digital product knowledge

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